Preparing for a Dental Implant Surgery

You cannot get dental implants in only one sitting. The procedure requires multiple sittings over a month at the least. You will want to prepare yourself before getting dental implants in Louisville. Considering only a few things, such as taking pre-procedure antibiotics and post-procedure downtime, will help you feel relaxed.

Getting a dental examination

Your dentist will want to take a dental x-ray to check whether your dental health is suited to get implants. The dentist will also have to verify your responsiveness to anesthesia, current medication, and immune system capability before proceeding with the procedure. All this is important for the dentist to know how to best put implants in your denture.

Take pre-procedure antibiotics

If you have a strong immune system, you will have to take immunosuppressant drugs to prevent your immune system from attacking the new implant in your mouth. You will, however, have to take a course of antibiotics as well. These antibiotics will act as the supplementary immune system.

Prepare your body

During the procedure of placing dental implants, the dentists will administer local anesthesia so that you do not feel pain. Before taking anesthesia, oral surgeons recommend a 12-hour fast.

You would also want to wear loose and comfortable clothing. This is because you will have to be on the dental chair for quite some while, and being in comfortable attire will be beneficial.

Post-operation preparation

It is advisable to plan some post-procedure downtime because you will be experiencing some pain. You could take leave from work or work from home. Be sure to stock up on soft food and liquids so that you can rest properly.


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Preparing for dental implants is as simple as it gets. As long as you follow your dentist’s advice, you’re good to get the procedure done.