Controlling Mosquitoes by Addressing Algae

If you have a pond or water body on your property or near it, this may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In this case, a good idea is to tackle the algae that may grow on these surfaces. You can go ahead and use mosquito control in Chickasaw services to address these breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

mosquito control in Chickasaw

Stagnant water bodies like ponds tend the provide nutrition to the mosquito larvae through algae. By curbing the algae, you will also be able to prevent the mosquito population from growing. Read ahead to find out how you can do this.

Using an Algaecide

Your pond or still water surface can prove to be an important breeding space for mosquitoes. This is because of the algae that tend to grow on it and provides a nutritional boost to the larvae that hatch out of the eggs.

Remove the algae from the water and use an algaecide if need be. Professional mosquito control services can do this for you with ease. This is not just beneficial to keep mosquitoes away, but it will also keep the pond aesthetic.

Do note that this may even be a small artificial pond on your property.

Move the Water

Make sure to create some motion in the water. Mosquitoes tend to breed in still and stagnant water. If you have a small pond or fountain, manually stirring it every now and then should prevent breeding. You can also opt for an electric aeration pump to bring some movement into the water.


Whether you have a pond on your property or just a simple backyard fountain, you want to keep the algae away from both. Besides this, adding movement can prevent the water from becoming a stagnant breeding space for mosquitoes.